Website Blueprint

If you are going to talk about web development and WordPress, it only seems natural to share what tools were used to build this humble site. I do not presume to think these are best tools available. For instance, my current hosting setup is not ideal. But here is what the website is currently running and I will update this page as things change. Think I am doing something horribly wrong, and have a suggestion on how to improve? I am all ears! Just send me a message through this site or hit me up on Twitter @nickmdiego.

Also please note that there are likely affiliate links below. I am using these services on my own website, which means I stand by them. Take it or leave it. 


Bluehost – Cloud Performance Hosting

Many people complain about Bluehost, I personally have had no issues, but it is definitely not the fastest hosting environment, at least what I have purchased. BUT, you cannot beat the price. If you are looking for a budget hosting company, and I have used many, I would definitely recommend Bluehost. As I move into more serious development and larger sites, I have my eye on WP Engine, we will see…

Content Management System


Well, obviously this site is running WordPress. Not much more to say here.


Genesis Framework

All of my projects are built on the Genesis Framework, which is a product of the company Studiopress. It is an extremely solid theme framework, I recommend it to anyone and everyone.



The Diego theme, yeah that is my last name, is a custom child theme for the Genesis Framework built off of the Genesis Sample Theme. The theme is hosted on GitHub if you want to check it out. It is very customized and might not translate well to other sites, but if you are interested, give it a try.



Built by me, allows you to add custom content blocks anywhere on your site. This site uses Blox for custom sidebar content and the occasional banner/header.

Contact Form 7

Allows you to add a very simple contact form. When all you need is a contact form, I prefer Contact Form 7 over solutions like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms and WPForms.

Easy Plugin Stats

Built by me. Allows you to display stats about plugins hosted on via a shortcode.

Genesis Columns Advanced

Built by me. Allows you to easily generate column layouts.

Genesis eNews Extended

Replaces the Genesis eNews Widget to allow easier use of additional mailing services.

Genesis Featured Page Advanced

Adds an enhanced version of the Genesis – Featured Page widget. The Genesis Framework 2.0+ is required.

Genesis Simple Share

Add some share buttons on each post.

Jetpack by

Love it or hate it, Jetpack allows you to connect with Calypso ( I also like the gallery option and a few others.

Simple Social Icons

A simple and lightweight plugin for displaying social icons

Under Construction

A great plugin that displays an under construction page whenever I need to take the site off line for a bit, say a theme overhaul or something.